Cases Involving Wrongful Termination

Cases Involving Wrongful Termination

Employee rights deal with many different aspects. Employment discrimination, for example, does not only deal with denying a job applicant a position because of his race. An employee can also claim being discriminated when he or she is deprived of a promotion because of his or her gender, age or disabilities. Wrongful termination, on the other hand, is brought about by many different actions employers take to get rid of an employee. All such cases are subject to the federal and state employment laws. The articles below are examples of wrongful termination cases filed and litigated under the court of law.

KFC employee won wrongful termination case | Donald Hudspeth


Sarai Vargas, a former employee of KFC, filed a lawsuit against Chick Inc. – a company that operates several KFC restaurants – due to illegal employment practices and was able to obtain $70000 in court, according to the

Woman sues for disability discrimination and wrongful termination …


Employment discrimination can take many forms, from denying a person a job because of his or her race to denying someone.

The law clearly states the both employers and employees have their respective rights and responsibilities towards a healthy working relationship. Their employer-employee relationship can be cut any time provided there is a legal reason and there is no violation of the law. An Ann Arbor employment lawyer is the right person to talk to when there is a need for clarification and consultation regarding employment concerns. His expertise about federal and state employment laws will help you better understand the situation and be on the right track as you fight for what is legally yours.


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